Thursday, December 31, 2009

Romania's unsafe roads

I have to write again about the roads here.
Apart from being incredibly low speed designed - as they are going in a proportion of 40% through the villages (I am talking here about major European roads as E69, E70, E671, ...) they are in an incredible bad state. They are so full of holes that they look as a they have been made of Schweitzer cheese loafs. 400 km in Romania means about 8 hours so an average speed of about 50 km/h. In the cities the lines drawn on the roads are almost in any cases invisible so when it is to head for a certain direction you get a little confused. The drivers are carelessly stopping on the rightmost (first) lane so it is impossible to correctly drive on the tow lane roads as yoou are constantly obliged to change the lane and then to go back because on the second one the urban speeders are constantly flashing and horning.
It is exhausting to drive here....

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  1. Hai să nu încheiem anul aici într-o notă aşa pesimistă - de aceea îţi urez un "La Mulţi Ani!" şi la multe postări!