Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Band's Visit

TVR surprised me with a wonderful movie - The Band's Visit - a bittersweet story about an egyptian band lost in Israel.

Sunday, December 18, 2011


Mediocre movie - great soundtrack...

Sunday, December 4, 2011

RFC1855 - The Netiquette

The RFC1855 is quite an informative document. It is a pity that it is seldom followed these days. More impolite styles have arisen with the "social networks" proliferation.

For example on "Linked In" I am constantly assaulted by guys/girls from Russia or Brasil that I do not know, have never worked with and offer nothing. Linked In is not MySpace/FaceBook/Hi5... Generally there a professional attitude is recommended. 2nd category there are the "students" who try to make themselves remarked on such networks. It is not a bad thing to be there but is totally rude for them to invite people they do not know as their connections. Any kind of etiquette says that if you are not somebody's peer or senior (either by age or function) you do not initiate networking requests. This is like an subordinate is giving hand first.

Here is also Tagged - I have never visited their site but ar regular interval they suggest me people that I should meet - well I am quite a misanthrope and I do not want tomeet people online - I am good with offline + beer.

Another rude category are the  spammers and those that sell your email to spammers. The spam comments on my blog are something common now. They try to get their comments published to make some kind of SEO to their pitiful sites  by getting back links. They are suckers - the spam protection on blog got quite okay lately.
For the second category - email address sellers - they come from ebay or okazii from where I have bought some  stuff. After the purchase I have started to get mail regarding all kind of stuff (from electronic cigarettes to enlargement pills and singles announces). Then a company (mailway) started sending me "promotional" announces - to /dev/null with them.

Shortened foms on forums/StackOverflow: U, 4, 2, plz, hlp... WTF: It is a lot easier to read the whole word rather than trying to understand what the cretinoids wanted to say in their requests for solving homeworks (students again).