Saturday, February 21, 2015

Behind the firewall GIT

If I'd start a company I would probably use BitBucket to host my repositories. It offers both Mercurial and Git and the pricing is quite reasonable. It might be not as fancy as GitHub but it does its job well.

On the other hand what about a small corporation that wants to unify its code repositories and is quite parsimonious? I have recently studied several tools as FusionForge, Gitorious, GitLab, Stash...

FusionForge and Gitorious were almost unusable. I am quite an experienced linux user/admin/developer but I was not able to install FusionForge. Gitorious was never able to log me in (I hadn't the pacience to dig in to tons of ruby code to learn why).

GitLab and Stash on the other hand are nice, they do their job well and are almost on par with features. But they are expensive.

To my rescue, I found just a couple of days ago a free GitHub-like repository management tool called GitBucket. It is written in Scala and does the bare minimum to make a behind-firewall corporate level GitHub. It's biggest plus its LDAP/AD integration.

So long story short, I was able to make it work in an hour. Just for comparison I spent about three days configuring FusionForge.