Friday, April 18, 2014

One day 14.04

I have spent almost one day on the latest Ubuntu 14.04. Scratched the ice a little bit on it and so far so good. Most of the things work flawlessly, the other things took me little time to tweak out.
I installed the system in EFI mode - just to see how it behaves and learn a little bit about grub.efi
The only annoyance is the installation of 32bits libraries which is way different than it used to be on 13.04 due to multiarch changes. I have bumped up Java and Tomcat to version 8 so next week I will have some fun.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

XML processing

I have been a huge fan of XStream since 2003 when I first discovered it, by mistake at codehaus when I was looking for an alternative to Cruise Control - named Damage Control - a nice CI system write in Ruby. XStream has an elegant API, is reasonably fast, supports multiple serialisation backends, but... it does not support polymorphism or optional elements. I looked around for alternatives. The most obvious one was JAXB - but it seemed to heavy and overly complicated for my needs. So I found out SIMPLE which is feature par with XStream plus the missing features (well at least optional fields). It works almost as a drop in replacement of XStream and I do not miss much the JSON serialisation of the former as I can use other engines directly.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Minor frustration

Some years ago - 2008-2009 - I was in an Intrapreneurial Bootcamp in Alcatel-Lucent.
My idea was to repurpose the payment systems we had for prepaid to serve financial transactions.
The idea was quite easy to implement using the available knowledge and solutions we had in ALu - repurposing SLEEs was quite an easy job - the best thing was that we could have addressed a huge market and we had a global footprint from start + operational teams that knew the technology ready to implement it to the clients.

Nobody listened then to me... Now I see that both Vodafone with M-Pesa ( and Orange with their Cash solution are entering on the market. I wonder who is behind their transaction processing systems?