Tuesday, November 20, 2007

No title

Nico felt pitty for my weekend. This was a very interesting subjecftt as other have seen my latest posts. They believed that I had a lousy weekend.
Contrary I would say. I had a wonderful weekend. I felt like staying home and doing almost nothhing, cutting any link with the outside world. Why? Because I was quite sick and tired of human interaction. Therefore I felt into myself and I analyzed some of my latest actions and future plans...

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Another movie weekend

It snowed yesterday and I felt like not going out. Partly because of a mild hangover...
So I stayed home and I watched some movies:
1. Mr. North - interesting cast for a so-so morning movie. Funny but too idealistic
2. 12 Angry Men - the 1957 original movie. Excellent.
3. The russians are comming - light commedy about the cold war paranoia. The russians are nice characters
4. Matador - no comment.
5. The shape of things - a movie that makes you think about the fargility of human relatonships, about art, morality nd thir limits. Intriguing.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Movie Weekend

Lazy in he bed untill noon. Shopping. Feeling sick. Took an aspirin.
Than I watched two movies:

Zeitgeist - Interesting but still too fictional

The Hot Fuzz - funny but quite idiotic sometimes....

Sleeping afterwards...

Sunday, November 4, 2007

What happened to Sun?

I have been working with Sun hardware since I was in university. Although I did not like Solaris until it's tenth version I liked the hardware manufactured by Sun.
Sun workstations and servers were ahead f time. Powerful processors, good networking capabilities (remember their slogan - The network is the computer), excellent management capabilities and storage options. All those at an accessible price (no wonder that they are the dot in dot com)....
Until recently...
In the last years their workstations became ugly beige towers, they lost the touch of nice design they used to have. In the current line of Sun workstations there is no nice looking one. I have home a lovely SparcStation Classic...
I cannot help myself thinking of the MacMini. It has the same simplicity and minimalistic design as the Classic Sparc... Sun has now the new T1 processors that re silent and reliable. Putting one of those processors in a slim workstation with a size in between Mac and Classic an package it with a Solaris 10 or some polished Linux distro might make it a hit. It could be marketed similarly as MacMini (BYKDM :)
Theonly problem I can see here is the market for it. While Mac is aimed for designers and trend setters Sun is a geekish toy. It is designed for engineers mainly and not or the common user. Still if enough good open source software is packaged with the toy it might be sold to companies as a PC replacement marching both on the advantages in terms of size and power consumption as well as on the aesthetics of the computer not to speak about "holly" things as manageability, security and other things not really present in Vista :)