Friday, April 20, 2018

The interesting bits of the day

1. Oracle GraalVM: awesome - runs almost every possible language allowing for true polyglot development.
2. Kata Containers interesting alternative to Docker
3. Rhei Clock:Fascinating clock with a ferro fluid display
4. Bad sectors scanning tool: mechanical drives are still cheaper than SSD and provide higher capacity

Friday, March 16, 2018

And here is March already

Worked quite a lot but not on what I would have liked to. Mostly documentation/specs... Boring.

Learnt a little bit of MiniZinc, that was interesting.

Today I have migrated sonar 6.2 to 7.0. that was awesome. The new version is far better, cleaner UI and works like a charm on not-so-great VM. Because this went well I also updated Jenkins and, alas, installed "Blue Ocean". This was kind of unfortunate. Blue Ocean is okay but highly incomplete for an enterprise. I tested it because I wanted something that could outperform M$ TFS 2017 in terms of usability and integration.

The current machines I am building with are:
1. A GitBucket ALM + Repository VM
2. A SonarQube 7.0 VM (standalone only because of Postgres DB)
3. A Jenkins build master VM

All these are 2CPU/4GB RAM/128GB HDD. Probably I should consolidate them on a single, more powerful machine.

4. A MacOS build slave
5. A Windows build slave

In the meanwhile I got fed up with Azure CLI for another project.

Sunday, December 31, 2017

Last for 2017

Trying to finish that I haven't done in the last year:

1. Compiled Forked-DAAPD on Fedora 26. I had to update the autoconf in order to skip looking for libav and use ffmpeg. Also I updated the spec to include the web interface files.

2. As I have now a DAAP source I started retagging my music collection using beets. It seems that my musical taste is quite obscure as I succeeded to dag about one third of what I have collected. 

Saturday, December 30, 2017

Macbook grooming

My old faithful macbook started to behave badly in the last days.
The keys O, P, 0 and - worked randomly, battery was draining rapidly and the free space was incredibly low.
To fix them I proceeded as such:

1. Low space - it seems that the Android development software was taking about 100GB, almost half of my SSD space. Just uninstalled it and, voila, lots of free space, I was able to install games again.

2. Keys - I had to open the computer, clean it reseat all the connectors on the motherboard. It was not enough though, I had also to extract the key P and move the rubber cup a little.Now it seems that the key works.

3. Battery drain - the culprit here was Chrome. Changing from Chrome to Safari increased the autonomy from about 2 hours to about four hours and this is not bad at all for a five years old computer.

I am still pondering if I should buy a new keyboard, battery and some memory upgrades. However a newer computer, something with Retina display would also be interesting.

Saturday, December 23, 2017

Invaluable goodies

Today Florian asked me to find some old pictures. As I was not home I quickly ssh-ed into my server. The problem was that on text interface I was not able to browse the pictures.

I remember that I have learnt some time ago about SSHFS, a filesystem implemented over SSH.
So the next step was quite clear. Mount the folder over SSHFS.
First step was to install OSX Fuse. Piece of cake - "brew cask install osxfuse" did the job.
Then I installed SSHFS by "brew install sshfs"
Then, obviously, "sshfs nilu@myprecious:/media/Pictures ./remotefs" and voila, I have a mounted share where I am able to browse. The speed was incredibly good, felt even better than browsing in the local LAN.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

November log

The Mac Minis at work were very slow, almost unusable. I managed to change the HDD into SSD in both a late 2012 model - that was kind of easy, and in a 2014 model - pretty complicated. Now they work well and can be used as build bots.

Playing with Jupyter and IPython. Mostly exploratory things.

Kind of sad. I do not feel the joy of Christmas this year. I am kind of void. I need an infusion of spirituality.

Tired. Running in too many directions at once.

Monday, December 11, 2017

How to pack bullshit

  • Software Engineering Manager = timed-lead development with in-depth knowledge of one of the following technologies: Java, .NET, Ruby on Rails or PHP
  • C ++ Chief Software Architect = C ++ Senior Developer
  • iOS Chief Software Architect = iOS Senior Developer
  • Android Chief Architect = Android Senior Developer 
  • SaaS / Cloud Chief Architect = Cloud Senior Developer
  • Ruby on Rails Chief Software Architect = Ruby Senior Developer
  • Python Software Architect = Python Middle Developer
  • Java Software Engineer.NET = probably junior Java developer
  • Software EngineerQA Engineer = probably junior QA
Taken from their hiring site... So a Chief Architect is a Senior Developer. This is not false but not true either.
At least it makes it clear what they are really hunting. I think that they will easily fall under GDPR as false advertising.