Tuesday, April 19, 2005

All praise the almighty LINUX !

When it comes to do handy stuff in the network, Linux is the tool you need.
It offers many beautiful and powerful tools.
For example today I had to solve two issues:
1. To set up a boot server for a Sun CPI1500/440 machine. Using the standard tool provided under Linux I was able to do it in no time. It was easy to setup bootparamd, rarpd, tftpd and nfs.
2. To use the SAPGui client on my Linux machine. I am quite proud that I succeeded in doing this. I will post the details tomorrow.

It's already 2100 hours and I am still at work - so it means that I worked today for 12 hours.

Thursday, April 14, 2005


Some time ago I was discussing with my friend Florian the possibility of transforming plain Swing applications into webapplications by making Swing to render HTML as an output. We had a small attempt to do it but we gave up as it was quite an overload for both of us and of course not an easy job :).

I have seen yesterday WebOnSwing and it is fantastic. Far above what I have ever imagined it could be ! Congratulations to the developpers !

Stucked in compilation - the solution

The LD_LIBRARY_PATH was WRONG. I have corrected it and, voila, it works.

Network Adventures

I found the time to post again.
Today I felt miserable. I spent most of the day trying to see why some equipment does not work.

The "problem" equipment was an Chase Iolan+ serial port multiplexer.
This ancient piece of hardware has a NON NEGOTIATING 10 Mbps HALF DUPLEX interface that fucked up all the network when it was plugged directly into a Alcatel layer 3 switch.
It fucked up the VLANs defined in the switch so bad that I couldn't have acces to any of the hosts plugged in the same swich (and for this I have kept my developpers from working for about 4 hours)

I solved the incident by connecting all the equipment in a dumb old SMC layer 2switch and cascading this one into the layer 3 switch.

Eclipse goes native !
Hourray !

Fedora Core 4 test2 appeared !

Two interesting firewalls: m0n0wall and smothwall.

Tuesday, April 5, 2005

Stucked in compilation

I am stucked in compiling an applet on Solaris 8.
I downloaded the libxml2 from http://www.sunfreeware.com added it as a package with pkgadd and tried to compile my applet. It compiled well but when I tried to run the applet I got a "Cannot open libxml2.so.2" message.

The same happens when I try to run the examples provided along with libxml2.

Any ideas why ?