Monday, March 10, 2008

Fuel for imagination

I have stumbled upon "Atomic Playboy" tune from Second Reality demo.
Suddenly lots of memories came back to my mind about the golden ages when I was trying to imitate the creations of the demogroups. Together with Vale, Raul, Adi and the younger Radu wwe were able to do almost all the magic from the demos. I have learnt assembly language, tricks to use it in 32bits mode (db 66), flat real memory and protected mode. The machine used was a 386sx with two megabytes of RAM and no SB. I have tried to emulate the SB using the PC speaker but the result were mediocre and full of clicks clacks.
In the meantime I got fascinated by the Dune II game and I started to write a game in Pascal and Assembler that I have proudly called "Mud Wars". Never finished. No sound, idiotic AI, barbare graphics...
Then a couple of months later I have bought my first PC and I bought also a ISA soundcard with Analog Devices chipset (although I wished for SB Vivra 16 or Gravis Ultrasound).
I was amazed then by the sound richness of tracked music...
Since then... No more multimedia programming - but I really wish I will have the time to do it again.
I still want to thank to those that fueled my imagination and made me learn more about computers:
Future Crew, Valhalla, Black Lotus and all other demo scene groups.

Tripwire and FAM

I have deeply dig into the corners of my memory and I remembered my good ol' daze at Raiffeisen when I used to monitor fs changes with Tripwire (an open source product in that period).
I was quite happy with what I obtained from Tripwire, but in time I moved to another company, another Linux distro and therefore I started to use FAM.
It came to my mind that those tools might be well used to implement the file audit fuzz for Annlab.
Maybe somebody out there (you know who) will hear me...

Check those:
Tripwire for Solaris

Monday, March 3, 2008


I had sometimes to do things that I am not proud of.
I do not look for justifications or excuses. They were bad although meant for a greater good.
Still doing them do not make me nobler of absolve me of the responsibility.