Sunday, March 30, 2014

Weekend works

As i have little space in my apartment I cannot afford a permanent place for ma "lab". So every now and then I go to the basement to grab my tools and install them on the kitchen table.

This weekend I had to repair my old Nokia E51 charger - the cable has been eaten by my mom's cats, then I wired up a debug interface for my old MyBook gadget finally I have unsoldered some capactors from an old pocket amplifier made with TDA2822.

Then suddenly I transformed myself into Doc McStuffins and repaired the electronics in some of my daughter's dolls...

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Vaadin pushes!

Vaadin is quite a good framework - the nicest thing about it is that it mimics Swing's idioms over GWT while hiding some of the latter's details (as RPC).

However there are some issues with Vaadin too. I have recently needed both Push and Cookies... It turned out that this is almost impossible due to the fact taht @Push takes over the entire communication hence Cookies are always null...

As a workaround, UI.getPushConfiguration().setPushMode(PushMode.DISABLE) sometimes works... but - there is no clear rule on when it does happen.