Friday, August 5, 2016

Umberto's Magic

As an hommage to Umberto Eco I have re-read some of his books. "Baudolino", "The Prague Cemetery" and "The Mysterious Flame of Queen Loana".

It is fascinanting how Eco creates characters that seem to modify their reality by inventing stories as Baudolino and Simonini do.

In the end the reality is a sum of tales told from generation to generation by so many Baudolinos or wicked Simoninis.

Childhood's End

The devilish form of the Overlords in A. C. Clarke's "Childhood's End" was nor a racial memory but a racial premonition...

What about the fear we feel from the immigrants? Is it a memory or a premonition? I would say that in this part of Europe is certainly a fear that is still in or genes since the XIVth century.

How will we evolve? Colapse or a hypermind?
In the light of PokemonGo, I am just skeptikal...

Last trip with Kalos

After 11 years we had the last long trip with Kalos. Like an old mule she travelled steady to Greece and back. Not as sharp or fast as it was in 2005 but still able to travel the 2000 km.

I have many memories with this car. She was the first car that I bought and it carried all the people I love. We went in countless places all over Europe. She carried Mara from the maternity to our home. She carried my grandpa in his last visit to Hunedoara.

She did it well with little maintenance costs. She was strudy, quite powerful and tolerant with my lack of driving skills. She was a beautiful Giugiaro design.

Farewell Kalos! I will miss you!