Sunday, October 30, 2016

I have been mildly hacked

I have used a Windows 10 computer that I guess was infected (probably by a key logger). I have recovered the account although the attacker succeeded to end some spam through Skype.

I got paranoid and changed all the passwords, reinstalled devices and enabled 2 factor authentication.

Sorry if you have received some Baidu links. It was not really me.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Null Null A

Our world will never become the utopian Null-A world. It will never get rational an informed.
Because we are just technological monkeys on our path to self destruction.

IT and Cars

I think it is bad that I am an IT guy when it comes to cars.
I am constantly trying to upgrade my car as it would be a computer. Upgrading computers is easy and straightforward. Almost everything is replaceable and even if you do not pay upfront a pile of money you can get parts later on and adapt your gear to your needs. Just some screwdrivers and some patience.

When it's about cars you do not have the luxury to upgrade parts of your car. Retrofitting options is expensive and you need a specialised shop. Parts are not easy to be sourced and are expensive as hell. Lack of information. Warranty becomes void on changes. A nightmare.

I wanted to retrofit a rearview camera and a forward 'adaptive cruise control' but the price was outrageous. In the end I gave up. Next car will have these by default anyways.