Monday, November 9, 2015


I have been contacted by the people at offering me a "fantastic" opportunity...

Yeap, the figures were nice indeed, but then I started to think deeper on what they are offering.

The punchline was "With us, going to the office is history!"

I love going to the office, I love the long strolls and the autumn leaves on the walkway. I love talking to people and learning with them. Why would I spend the entire day home? Would I be more productive? Will I be more technical? I doubt it? Will I produce something meaningful?

 One thing is for sure - I will get more and more intolerant and egoistic. I will start fearing my virtual job as I have no direct connection with the true project. I'd be an executor in a big BPMN diagram... Do I really want this? It would be at least heartless... And I am not an robot.

The second thing is that I am holding a grudge to someone... Not a big one... But he somehow lied me twice. And that someone is now a VP in this company. With this being discovered my final decision is a heartily: "No, thank you!"

PS: I have discussed a couple of days with some guys that were admiring the VP because he has now money. Lots of them. They were considering that he does a good deed "employing" people. Then I am wondering why none of his henchmen went together with him in this "endeavour"...