Thursday, November 25, 2010

Add Delivery Platform

It is a week since I have had my first Android phone. My Nokia E51's battery is dead and buried so I have taken the bod decision to go for a touch phone.

The new phone is a HTC Wildfire because of its dimensions - the other choice was a Desire but despite its richer features its size overwhelmed me.

The touch experience was not so good for me. What I have is not a phone but a gadget with a phone emulator...

The gadget is not really a standalone gadget but rather an add delivery platform for Google who found a smarter way to reach me with its adds. The phone, multimedia and gaming are just add-ons on the ADP.

Technically the phone is okay for a budget one (QVGA, no GPU are the main drawbacks), the software is somehow usable - but after a quick look under the hood (infamous ps axww) I found lots of apps running without any reason. In conclusion not really impressed... The feeling of calling somebody on the Android phone is quite weird - it cannot compare with the material touch of my old phone's keys. The GPS on the other hand is awesome - fast and extremely accurate.

My verdict for Android *****

Thursday, November 11, 2010


Vladimir Cosma is a Romanian born composer. He is famous for his film music in French movies.
I have stumbled upon this recording of one of his most played pieces - Sirba - a Romanian dance adaptation.
The piece was the theme of the "Le Grand Blonde" with Pierre Richard
The extremely talented people who are playing are Russian students.

This is a true European multicultural experience :)

Sunday, November 7, 2010


(c) 2010 

Well the motion against Boc cabinet could use this as a reason.

Adrian Paunescu (1943 - 2010)

Undeva in trecut

Am sa plec intr-o zi,
Intr-un loc nestiut,
Intr-un munte secret,
Undeva in trecut.

Am sa plec in trecut,
Am sa plec intr-o zi,
Sa ajung cand te nasti,
Sa te pot intalni.

Stiu si eu ca-i ciudat
Si ca pasii-mi sunt grei,
Catre nunta din veac
A parintilor mei.

Las de veghe aici
Toti nepotii frumosi,
Eu ma intorc in trecut,
Eu ma intorc la stramosi.

Eu ma intorc la ai mei,
Intr-un mars revansard,
Sunt retrasi in paduri
Langa vreascuri ce ard.

Mai vorbesc despre noi
Si mai mor in razboi,
Se mai mira de cei
Care vin inapoi.

Am sa plec intr-o zi,
Am bagajul intreg,
Am cu mine ce simt,
Ce iubesc si inteleg.

Sunt satul de prezent,
Nu mai vreau viitor,
Dar ma-ntorc in trecut
Ca nu vreau nici sa mor.

Pe un deal coroiat
Curge mustul din teasc
Si batranii se sting
Si copii se nasc.

Eu ma-ntorc in trecut,
Din acest viitor
Si pastorii ma iau
Langa turmele lor.

Si din rodnice nunti,
Urca iarba pe munti,
Tutelarule Zeu,
N-ai de ce sa te-ncrunti.

Mai degraba sa pui
Legea ta peste tot,
Ca stramosi la nepoti
Sa se intoarca inot.

Si, cand vremea va fi,
Printr-un strigat urgent,
Pe noi toti sa ne chemi
Sa venim in prezent.

Sa fim toti pregatiti
De momentul solemn,
Cand va bate in munti
Vechea toaca de lemn.

Si un clopot din cer
O sa dangane sfant,
Ca s-a-ntors Dumnezeu,
Printre-ai lui, pe pamant.

Rest in peace! 

Saturday, November 6, 2010