Saturday, September 27, 2008

MyBook World edition

It was a bad idea. I needed it for home storage - I was sick and tired of the tons of DVDs that I wrote with backups of the documents, DVDs that I have never been able to find afterwards without a massive deejay work. So I said "What the heck, it is cheap, it is roomy - I'll have it".
As I said - bad idea. I discovered soon that it works extremely low (a maximum of 2 MBps in my wireless lan), it gets extremely hot and in that point it hangs up (temperature was sometimes over 70 degrrees C).
I am not complaining about RAID or SNMP - I wanted something cheap - but still...
I wanted to expose some data through an ftp - for my family - but for this I had to hack the box. I followed the tutorial - so I had SSH access to the box, I installed Optware and VSFTPD. But the systems was already overloaded. So I had a look on the installed distribution. It was the ugliest ever. No package management system (Optware was installed by me), the init scripts are chaotic, the software is unbalanced (Samba 3 on 32 megabytes? and busybox).
Finally I have bricked it up with some experiments I made.
It took me about one week to recover.
The only good point in all this is that I have learnt a lot about buildroot and embedded development. I was forced to as I wanted to debrick it. So I have learnt how wonderful JeOS and RPath are. I will dream a long time to something as freeNAS for WD or why not a clean port of OpenWRT on myBook.
As for the time being I will deposit the myBook somewhere and gradualy search for a more reliable


I had reached the conclusion that the most important quality in a software developer is patience.
It does not matter that you are smarter than other - Software is for smart masses - but to make a difference patience is what it counts.
It takes sometimes an eternity to trace bugs, to assemble software, to get rid of nasty compiler tricks... An I have seen that there are quite a few people (I am not included) that are patient enough to resist this.

Because of those we have working software.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Loosing friends

Is hard to loose friends. Especially if you know them for long.
But sometimes this is the only way to go forward.
I is not like dropping some excess luggage but like cutting your own roots.
And it truly hurts.
I am in a continuous friend loosing spree. I have tried a lot to keep friendship ongoing but it came a moment then there I could do no more. The glass was full. And then, as I usually do, after a lot of inner struggle I cut all the possible links with them.
I am sometimes wondering... Were they really my friends? Or it was me the excess luggage they dropped?
I am really afraid to count... They might disappear also.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Girl Power Year

Kate Nash

Amy McDonald


Gabriella Cilmi

Kathy Perry

I am surprised of this abbundanceof very young singers.
Inspite their age the sound is nice and well arranged.