Monday, June 6, 2005


I had a quite agittated weekend.
Good things:
- Florian came to TM.
- I have listened to a nice Chamber Music concert
Bad things:
- A relative of mine died... I felt very sorry for him as he was onnly 49 years old.
- My godfather is in hospital.

Thursday, June 2, 2005

Nice projects

I have seen (or seen again) some nice projects:
2. - best ever Continuous Integration tool
3. - handy tool for class serialization/deserialization in XML

Miserable week

I had a miserable week.

Apart from daily misery I had to get some big time shit:
1. I went to my dentist - four obturations + three changes
2. The same shit with buying the products for the platform. Until I will see them I will have my beard grown white
3. Annual interview - hmmm... It was an almost fair one. But the fact that I have legft my previous team and had a quarrel with my ex teamleader was visible.
4. Correcting the tests for the candidates for Alcatel jobs. They _MUST_ be stupid.
How can you get to an interview for SW Engineering without knowing what a class or an object is. Not to mention C.
5. Clima installation: Fuck me - am I a clima installation engineer or a fucking software one ?

Wednesday, June 1, 2005

Justin's Birthday

Justin's Birthday !
He is now five years old !

I have bought him a nice present !