Saturday, June 26, 2010

A good place for business

Comparing those three countries we see that Serbia is by far the most interesting both for corporations and common people.

Country Personal tax Corporate tax VAT
Romania 16% 16% 24% (since 26 june 2010)
Russia 24% 13% 18%
Serbia 10% 14% 18% (8% basic necessities as bread, milk etc.)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Dog training

When you have a dog you train it by giving it goodies when it does something good and by giving him a small punishment when he does something bad IMMEDIATELY after it did it.
With a team I think the incentives should also be given immediately after a project is finished or a month later... tops. And the incentives should be real - something people could use or value.
Today I have received an email at 14:00 that we are invited at 16:30 for a small 'party' in a total value of 60 EUR for all 23 of us as sign that management appreciates our work... This is happening at 4 months after the end of the project. what can I, a poor dog, learn from this... Nothing except this is just a master's caprice.
I really do not understand this kind of policies. It would have been better for the management to do nothing instead. "That's lame" I would say.
Moreover I have discovered that management in my group rarely uses the magical Outlook facilities as Calendar or Tasks - everything is on email - preferably at the end or in between a long thread of them.
Meetings are quite ad-hoc and quite de scoped and incredibly long - over one hour to decide simple things and WITHOUT any action points or concrete measurable outcomes afterwards.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Chinese spam

I decided a couple of months ago to moderate comment due to the fact that the chinese/taiwanese spammers were publising crap on the comments on my blog.
They did not stop but it seems to me that they even increased their posting rate...
Iam looking for some automated spam protection.