Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Dog training

When you have a dog you train it by giving it goodies when it does something good and by giving him a small punishment when he does something bad IMMEDIATELY after it did it.
With a team I think the incentives should also be given immediately after a project is finished or a month later... tops. And the incentives should be real - something people could use or value.
Today I have received an email at 14:00 that we are invited at 16:30 for a small 'party' in a total value of 60 EUR for all 23 of us as sign that management appreciates our work... This is happening at 4 months after the end of the project. what can I, a poor dog, learn from this... Nothing except this is just a master's caprice.
I really do not understand this kind of policies. It would have been better for the management to do nothing instead. "That's lame" I would say.
Moreover I have discovered that management in my group rarely uses the magical Outlook facilities as Calendar or Tasks - everything is on email - preferably at the end or in between a long thread of them.
Meetings are quite ad-hoc and quite de scoped and incredibly long - over one hour to decide simple things and WITHOUT any action points or concrete measurable outcomes afterwards.

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