Thursday, December 21, 2006

Pro or Con Opensource

I have had a look on my company's web pages and I found out that the page is made using the opensource engine Wordpress. It is somehow strange because nut long time ago they were quite scared by Open source. I really do not believe that they changed their minds. An it will be somehow nasty for the guys in Bell Labs that have produced many OS jewels to work for an employer that does not value enough their creativity.

Saturday, December 16, 2006


This is one of those angry postings I used to have on my previous blogs.
This one is about friendsship and how others see it.
To make one long story short.
One of the my oldest friends came to me in Timisoara.
He is a true rocker. Also he is a PhD in Chemical Engineering.
In the same time I was invited to a wedding.
I decided to go there with him - as I believed that among friends there will be no problems.
I went there and I felt rejected. Everybody looked at him as he had been a villain. His rock clothes made all the snobbish cocktails drinkers there to look to him disgusted. Including some of so called "friends" of mine. I would quote for one of them "Important e nu cat de lung ai parul/Important e ce si cum gandesti!".
So we have left after less than olne hour. not embarrassed but contrairly empowered. I have leearnt again one of the life lessons I keep forgetting: "The most important quality in a MAN is honesty".

PS: Thanks M. and V. for telling and showing me about what does friendship means.

Friday, December 15, 2006

In memoriam Razvan Jigorea

One of the most complex man I have had ever met has gone. Gifted photographer, talented musician and an extraordinary developer... Rest in peace