Monday, December 8, 2014

Brand Collapse

Will I trust the feeble new brand? It gives me no sensation whatsoever...
Too abstract, no history, no way to relate with it...
The ING brand and lion logo were quite inspiring and suggested force and history which meant trust. This N logo is utterly a bullshit.

The same thing happened with Piraeus bank. They changed the old logo, a beautiful and minimalist Greek trireme that suggested again boldness and history

into this Ericsson like logo that says nothing about the institution

December Movies

There are about six, seven months since I haven't been able to watch movies. This weekend though I enjoyed two really good ones.
On Saturday I watched Spike Jonze's "Her" - a nicely told story about AI and our relation to it while raising the problem of a "singularity".

On Sunday I watched "What Maisie Knew" a movie made after Henry James' book. It was one of the most sensitive movies about a child's universe and how it perceives reality - contrasting the child's serenity and acceptance with the rapacity and egoism of the adults.