Thursday, November 25, 2010

Add Delivery Platform

It is a week since I have had my first Android phone. My Nokia E51's battery is dead and buried so I have taken the bod decision to go for a touch phone.

The new phone is a HTC Wildfire because of its dimensions - the other choice was a Desire but despite its richer features its size overwhelmed me.

The touch experience was not so good for me. What I have is not a phone but a gadget with a phone emulator...

The gadget is not really a standalone gadget but rather an add delivery platform for Google who found a smarter way to reach me with its adds. The phone, multimedia and gaming are just add-ons on the ADP.

Technically the phone is okay for a budget one (QVGA, no GPU are the main drawbacks), the software is somehow usable - but after a quick look under the hood (infamous ps axww) I found lots of apps running without any reason. In conclusion not really impressed... The feeling of calling somebody on the Android phone is quite weird - it cannot compare with the material touch of my old phone's keys. The GPS on the other hand is awesome - fast and extremely accurate.

My verdict for Android *****

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