Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Minor frustration

Some years ago - 2008-2009 - I was in an Intrapreneurial Bootcamp in Alcatel-Lucent.
My idea was to repurpose the payment systems we had for prepaid to serve financial transactions.
The idea was quite easy to implement using the available knowledge and solutions we had in ALu - repurposing SLEEs was quite an easy job - the best thing was that we could have addressed a huge market and we had a global footprint from start + operational teams that knew the technology ready to implement it to the clients.

Nobody listened then to me... Now I see that both Vodafone with M-Pesa (http://www.totaltele.com/view.aspx?C=0&ID=485947) and Orange with their Cash solution are entering on the market. I wonder who is behind their transaction processing systems?

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