Saturday, December 12, 2009

Google everywhere

Google search, Google mail, Google wave, Google voice, Blogger, Google maps, Picasa.
I like those applications and I often use them. They are nice and clean and especially easy to use.
Then came the desktop applications Google Talk, Google Earth, Picasa, Widgets and the mighty Chrome browser. Again they are quite good desktop applications. But what I love most at Google is their development frameworks. GWT, Protocol buffers, Guice, etc. I am doing part of my job using them and they are awesome.
However there are two things I do not like at all about Google:

1. Go! language. It doesn't feel like a system programming language as it has quite an awkward syntax and misses pointer arithmetics.
And... What code does the code generator of this language creates? I remember that one of the first backdoors on Unix was to hack the C compiler to insert backdoor code for the login program whenever it compiles another C compiler... What if G does the same? I really do not trust this.

2. ChromeOS. I do not want google to control the internals of my OS and know everything about what I have on my hard drive. It is like having a Google Desktop search bolt into the OS itself. Ant it cannot be uninstalled or even disabled. Also the Google sign-on is strange. It means that I have to be online to use my device?

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