Monday, December 7, 2009

Projects wishlist

1. Python scripted SS7 simulator
A small simulator written in Python that could simulate ISUP/TCAP/INAP. Every message could be a class. Simple integration into automated tests via Python's built in 'unittest' module. Easy to learn for telecom people as Python syntax is very simple.
Something SWIG based for message wrapping?

2. Java ISUP interfaces
For easier integration into JSLEE environments.
Javolution based?

3. IMS virtualization
Quite simple to do - only hardware is the problem. I'd do an installation of OpenIMS Core on several virtual machines and then play a little bit with them. I'd check if Ericsson SDS can be used with this.

4. Statistics processor
Java application that should read statistics tickets written in a LISP like syntax and then store them in a database and display them out in different graphical/textual formats.

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