Sunday, December 6, 2009

Exit poll!

The political life in Romania went from bad to worse.
Mircea Geoana, in my opinion a stupid and non charismatic figure, won the elections with the help of Crin Antonescu. Not longer that two weeks ago Crin Antonescu hit hardly on Geoana but now they are friends. In fact Geoana did not win elections. Media won the elections. Geoana was a pussy that wah unable to sustain its ideas and even in the last confrontation he came with his homeworks not done.
On the other hand, Basescu lost on his own hand. Although he had powerful PR (especially online) he made lots of image mistakes during his mandate. The fatal one was that he fought against the most important media groups. Associations with Udrea and Ridzi, scandals with his daughters destroyed his image, an image that started with a 'wind of change'. Unfortunately he turned into an autocratic figure and he tried to manipulate (and in several occasions he really succeeded) the electors he started a war against the parliament and constitution. So having so many enemies there's no wonder that he lost.
But still, the results are not final...
I'll keep looking for opportunities elsewhere...

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