Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Google interview

I had today my Google interview in Dublin.
It was tough. As I have given all my programming exams in the same day.
Five interview rounds. Each one with its set of problems.
Frankly I have expected to write more code than I wrote.
Finally I wrote - a bit of Python and C.
I have to tell that the problems are not so complicated as countless sites describe them. They are fair and if you are not a "non programming programmer" they can be done.
All people I met were smart and not aggressive towards me. They knew their stuff well. From coding to system administration they were true professionals.
I am not too optimistic on the outcome, but hey, it was like gymnastics for mind (and I got to visit Dublin).


  1. It's already a great thing to be invited there. Congratulations.

  2. Yeah,...You have learned new things after interview with Google..good

  3. Right..i think you knew more things and it will help in your career.

  4. Now that's what I like to call good news! Congratulations and hope to see you soon in the area for good!

  5. You were there and i don't think it was an accident. So you're winner anyway...