Wednesday, April 6, 2011


For some years now I have been an IEEE member.
I have joined this organization for several reasons - the main one being access to latest "trustworthy"  information and research.
This year I decided to give up IEEE. Last year I was roughly paying about  42 USD for one year membership (no printed material) but this year the offer was advertised at 50 USD. When I tried to renew my membership I discovered that the charge was in fact 63 USD (50 Electronic subscription + 13 local chapter). In fact 50% more than last year... For what? Spectrum digital edition and access to a web site? A local chapter that is almost inexistent in my country?
IEEE is a great organization and they have been influential in all aspects of engineering in the last 50 years - but they are growing more expensive year after year... That's a pitty.

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