Sunday, February 20, 2011


Google is lately heavily advertising their Google Apps related savings.
I have tweaked the assumptions in order to match the following 5 nines setup:

  • ZFS + dedup storage backends 
  • clustered frontends (Solaris Cluster):
    • Postfix + Dovecot + SpamAssasin + OpenLDAP
    • RoundCube webmail
  • Mercurial for versioning
  • MediaWiki for content
The result was:

Do not get me wrong - Google Apps is a great SaaS. However In case of a large organization who happens to be cheap/money conscious, _EXTREMELY_ concerned about privacy and with it's own data centers - there are some alternative solutions. The costs go mainly in hardware as all software used is free and system admins are creative and payed well below the 70 USD/h that Google is assuming.

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