Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Rants on the Romanian language

"Ceau" - the most idiotic greeting formula. It is used only in Timisoara. I think that it is a romanization of the Italian "Ciao" but misspelled. I hate when I receive mails started with "Ceau Nilu" or I am greeted with "Ceau".

"Decat" - is an adverb that requires a negative verb for correct semantics. For positive the correct adverb is "doar". EG: "Nu am decat 5 lei" - is correct but "Am decat 5 lei" is scratching both my ears and the Romanian grammar. In the positive case the expression should be "Am doar 5 lei". But the "meltenesque" population is using the wrong form... I am doomed to hear them.

The extreme usage of Accusative in the detriment of the Genitive-Dative forms: "I-am lat lu' fata" instead of "I-am dat fetei"...
As my reader Bogdan Alexandru remarked I have put a wrong example on my post. In fact the idea was the usage of the "la" Accusative preposition for expressing the Dative "I-am dat la fata" instead of "I-am dat fetei". The problem is that the substantive "fata" has an Nominative/Accusative form because of the preposition. In my example there is also a problem of accord for the gender - it was an ear scratching expression heard yesterday.

I am not a linguist but I like speaking and hearing a correct language. But what I hear around is just a "gipsy"-anization of the language based on the precarious education in the Romanian institutes. Language is in my opinion a sacred asset for a nation and should be guarded with all the possible energies.


  1. In ambele exemple substantivul "fata" este folosit la cazul dativ. Problema consta in plasarea incorecta a articolului hotarat.

  2. Mulţumesc de corecţie.

    Fată e nearticulat. "I-am dat la fată" e un acuzativ dupa părerea mea iar folosirea e incorecta. In cazul dativului "fetei" este forma articulată. Mai mult, in exemplu era un deyacord prin folosirea articolului "lui" pentru un substantiv comun la genul feminin.

    Desigur s-ar putea sa ma insel - nu mai stiu atata gramatică.