Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A la Roumanie

Recently our enlightened government announced 15% reduction of the pensions and 25% reduction of the salaries for the employees in the public sector.
They also announced that other tax facilities will be revoked (16% tax extemption for programmers, maternal help, ...). Hospitals and schools will be closed, lots of people will go in unemployment. The country is almost in the same situation as after a war.
I am not complaining... It could be worse. See the case of Korea in 1993. But the people there trusted the government and donated for the whole country. I really think that there are persons that would do the same here... but... we have nobody to trust on this world.


  1. That's now the crisis really begins, when everybody face it.

  2. http://www.gandul.info/puterea-gandului/cersetorul-de-solidaritate-6114249

  3. @anonymous: amar de trist...