Saturday, May 29, 2010

Fedora experience

After more than two years since my last Fedora install, frustrated by Ubuntu's glitches,I reinstalled Fedora 13 on my laptop.
It was a pleasant surprise to see how much it evolved since my last contact with it.
The installation was smooth - from the live CD.
It recognized all my hardware including the elusive Toshiba bluetooth module
The graphics are a little childish in my opinion but they are somehow consistent and appealing. On the original installation I had no OpenOffice, flash or codecs -
but they were simple to add from third party repositories.

There were also a couple of other things that I learnt from Fedora:
1. The bluetooth problem on Toshiba is not coming from kernel but from the modules shipped by Cannonical in their distro. I have recompiled the kernel on Ubuntu with toshiba support and bluetooth started to work by default - so I do not need my Omnibook hacked bluetooth module.

2. The fonts are correctly rendered by Xft - the problem is in the Gnome themes - especially in Cannonical custom ones. Reverting to plain old Mist evrything looked better.

In the meanwhile I am trying to merge Plymouth 0.8.3 on 0.8.2-ubuntu and rebuild the package.

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