Wednesday, April 22, 2009


What if Romania would make a commemoration day of all the victims of Romanian rapists and murderers throughout Europe. It would be the case... sadly. We were outraged when some Hungarian gypsies killed Marian Cozma but we are indifferent when idiots from Romania kill and rape in Italy and steal in other countries. However people died and us, the real Romanians, should pay at leas a little respect to them.

I wondered through churches and I have seen the bishop's chair always empty. It was sad. In Greece there is almost a bishop in every town. In Romania are quite a few, but their place is taken by other dignities and this leads to chaos. Moreover, I was disappointed that Iustin Sigheteanul - the bishop of Maramures - although having the name of Sigheteanul (of Sighet) did not participate to the divine service in the city of Sighet. Is he really a bishop for Sighet? If he is not among the people of Sighet why does he has this name? Are the people from Sighet 2nd hand christians that do not deserve a divine service led by a bishop?

Romania is not a rich country anymore. We are getting from poor to poorest on a daily basis. Everything seems to be decaying: people, nature, building, roads...
Hovever on thing thrives: the fees.

Forfait taxes in Romania. They somehow abolished the 16% profit tax. Many small/micro companies will be closed and the results would be against of what they hoped when they introduced this tax.

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  1. vorba romaneasca "Unde a fost are să mai fie." pana una alta umblam hai hui saraci cu duhul cu paine putina dar alba ce sa i faci greu la deal cu boii mici.