Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Daily routine

1. I have looked into a possible integration of curl and memcached for a distributed caching of VXML pages. The idea is that when a media server makes a HTTP request to an application server in order to fetch something (vxml page, audio, video, javascript) the retieved content is stored into memcached so that a subsequent request for the same resource would be served faster. For the media server traffic model this would be quite a good speedup as it is very likely that the SIP requests would often reach the same IVR service (the same VXML pages) and therefore all the data would be already cached. What I am thinking further would be to cache somehow the TTS prompts.

2. Problems with my satellite dish. After the weekend I cannot see any TV. The HH mount works, the alignment is correct but still no signal.

3. Ubuntu 9.04 - works and looks nice. No more wireless issues but the same omnibook modules I had to recompile for my Toshiba. Now I have windows only in a VM (VirtualBox)

4. Issues with VirtualBox - if the guest uses poll/epoll the CPU consumption is considerably higher than with VMWare.

1 comment:

  1. Caching TTS prompts is a great idea. try Alachisoft's NCache Express, its a free distributed cache. You can contact their customer support at support@alachisoft.com and ask them if they can help you implement this idea. They are a pretty friendly lot.