Sunday, December 7, 2008

Toplink vs. Hibernate

I have a dilemma. After a little work with both tools I am still in doubt which one suits the best my needs.
I have the following constraints:
1. DB Independent - both meet it
2. Easy persistence tools - both meet it
3. Fast operations - hard to decide - TopLink seems to perform slower on INSERTs than Hibernate. I couldn't find any reliable comparison.

In the meanwhile I am also looking for DB4O as a possible alternative. I am still reluctant to use DB4O as it has been sold to Versant that was producing quite a crappy and expensive tool that I had to use and I think that they will do the same with DB4O.

1 comment:

  1. We have been diligently working to improve EclipseLink / TopLink and Insert performance was one area that has received special attention for EclipseLink 1.1. ( )

    In general though, especially when leveraging the EclipseLink cache, you should see noticeable performance benefits when using EclipseLink.
    --Gordon Yorke