Sunday, December 21, 2008

Sun presented the reference design for T2 workstations

The reference design datasheet was published those days.
In fact the design seems to me more like as a server not as a workstation (there are many redundant interfaces). I think that some things can be trimmed down or replaced with cheaper alternatives.
I think that my idea of a open workstation is going to happen.


  1. Nilu Nilu nu poti sa spui "raised in Maramures",vacile, caprele etc. sunt raised; tu grew up in MM.
    In aceeasi nota, "plain ideas" suna cam naspa; "simple ones" e un pic mai bine.
    Craciun fericit si la mai mare in 2009!!

  2. 1. Born and raised - e sintagma consacrata - o multime de versuri 'countrish' o folosesc. E mai peizana exprimarea - dar, na si eu sunt cam taran.

    2. Plain - in sensul de 'dull'. Asta am si vrut sa insemne. Ai vazut tu, anonimule, ceva pe blog care sa fie flamboyant?

    Sarbatori fericite!

  3. I am a man of constant sorrow
    I've seen trouble all my days
    I bid farewell to old Kentucky
    The state where I was born and raised

    (Man of Constant Sorrow - Dick Burnet)

    Nilu are dreptate :)