Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Proud to be an engineer!

Because in Romania engineering is studied only on quite good universities.
I went home last week an I was amazed how many people are following the classes of a WTF university named "Spiru Haret".
Basically this is a diploma factory where everybody can get a degree is they pay the taxes. The quality is less than imaginable. It is worse than the online diploma spam as the students should go from time to time to the exams :).
The only subject this "Famous Unaccredited University" doesn't have is engineering (although it has some computer science, architecture and unbelievable vet medicine).
With the proliferation of this kind of studies we will become a country of idiots.

Why am I against this kind of universities?

1. Because they produce incapable graduates.
2. Because they are proliferating corruption and plagiary (How many original thesis were born there?)
3. Because they are addressing to rich offspring that will finally buy positions instead of more capable people.
4. Because the so called students/graduates are bothering me with their superior attitude and presence.


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