Sunday, March 4, 2007

Guaranteed 100%

Or "Garantat 100%" is one of the best TV shows in Romania. It sytarted more than five years ago in the terrritorial TV studios in Cluj Napoca by Catalin Stefanescu.

The format of the show changed very little by time. Catalin and his guests discuss both common and uncommon or extraordinary problems in the studio.

What I can say is that I admire the the quality of the host. Catalin was always an impartial host. He was able to put the right question, to point out the qualities of the guest and to make them feel at ease and communicate their own ideas. Its show never went into a publicity wagon as Catalin has chosen both the subjects and the guests with great care. It was not an exclusivistic/snobbish show. Thee guests came from all the layers of society, but thhey were all remarkable.

Long live "Garantat 100%"!

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