Friday, April 28, 2006

Orthodox Icons Exhibition

Today I was to a vernisage of an exibition of hand painted orthodox icons in Sighet.
The nuns of the Holy Monastery of Miclauseni came in Sighet with extraordinary beautiful painted icons both on wood or on glass. All o these icons are closely respecting the ancient orthodox painting tradition callerd Erminia and are covered in a thin golden foil. There were paintings representing Jesus, The Holy Virgin, Saint George, Saint Lukas and Saint Matthew, Archangels Gabriel and Michael etc.
Spokemen for the opening of the exibition were Nicolae Iuga PhD, Nutu Rosca PhD and Mother Gabriela one of the painters of those extraordinary icons.

I am sorry that I haven'y made any pictures there but in order to get a glimpse of them I will post a link to some other orthodox icons - held in The Holy Mountain.

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