Sunday, May 10, 2009

Oracle + Sun = Love?

I do not know. On the software side I have found some areas where they already compete:

Operating systems: Linux vs. Solaris
Virtualization: OracleVM vs. Sun xVM
File systems: BTRFS vs. ZFS
Virtual Machines: JRockit vs. Sun JVM
Databases: OracleXE vs MySQL
Application Servers: Weblogic vs. GlassFish

Which one will survive? There is no way imho that a company as Oracle to keep two different product lines. Personally I am on Sun's side.
The biggest win for Oracle is "He who controls the Java middleware controls the enterprise market". And Oracle did it. I do not know what to say about the othe major player on this market, IBM. They have WebSphere + DB2 + Linux/AIX + iSeries/pSeries engaged in a fight with WebLOgic/Glassfish + Solaris/Linux + Sun Enterprise.

Probably the biggest losers in this merger are Dell and HP because they stay present only with hardware. Redhat/JBoss will have a hard time. Microsoft... hmmm... hard to say but I think that they missed a good opportunity here and they will start shrinking in to their core business Desktop/Office.

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