Saturday, May 23, 2009

Bulgarian network

Last weekend I have been to Sofia in Bulgaria.
I had a strange experience at the Serbia-Bulgaria border crossing.
1. Just after crossing the Serbian border I reached a booth where I was asked for the car's documents. They were checked and I have received them back together with an usb stick.
2. At the passport control I was asked again for all the papers (passport and car papers) and "chip" - the usb stick I've received on the first booth
3. Customs asked me again for the "chip".
4. Road tax office - I was asked for the chip and car documents.
5. Another road tax office - I have ben asked for chip and then I have received the vignette and I have paid 6 EUR (with an invoice) - although at the previous booth it was marked 5 EUR, for a 7 days vignette.
6. Last road tax booth - I have given back the usb stick.

I do not understand. Is this some kind of a token based network? Do they achieve higher bitrate this way?
Strange system...

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