Friday, November 14, 2008


Sun is cutting 6000 jobs.
I am sad. Sun was one of those companies t that I looked with tremendous respect.
I heard that piece of news just after I was informed of Solaris 10/08.
Maybe some of world finest engineers are at Sun.
I wish that more light would shine on them.


  1. I think that if Microsoft would move quick - they could buy Sun out in this period.
    They might get the following:
    - enormous IP in all fields of IT
    - control on a good niche of server market - chance to impose windows on an until now closed platform for them
    - control on Java technology - this would be really a big hit for them

  2. in the past Sun was the first promoter of the standards & technologies in java world now when jee and development technologies for web is what everyone looking for Sun is only a week player on the market ..their app server is not use by anyone (only for learning the technologies maybe...) glassfish was only a rename of existing product with so many bad releases...even waiting for the java7 release became eternity.. In the market many technologies claim to be a new boom every day ..but they come and go ...what meters the most is a clean design of an application, decoupling things.. old school :)

  3. Sun is not only Java.
    I agree That Java is now Sun's icon but they were in servers business long before Java.
    They are one of the last companies that still stands to the WinTel assault.