Monday, October 20, 2008


Trade depends on money that depends on trade that depends on money...
It is an infinite loop on that nothing is certain and there are no fixed values.
Neither the value of money nor the stocks are measured on a fixed scale but relative to artificial metrics. Therefore is easy to manipulate the metrics and this is why the actual crash happened.

I really think that the first step towards a serious economy would be the stabilization of money. I mean that the Bretton Woods treaty should be revised in the actual context of the economy. If the money is stable over long periods of time then the fluctuations of stock exchange indexes would be based on a more realistic metrics.

I do not know how to revise the treaty - but at least it should be somehow modified in order to add some referential for money exchange - that would reduce the panic on markets during recession periods. It would also help various economies to keep their position in situations of crisis, and give to the government a clear picture about national reserves and the real depreciation of money.


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