Saturday, October 4, 2008

Interesting suprise

When I have been in highschool I have received his book from my former Romanian teacher - Maria Muresan - who still believes that I would have been a better teacher than an enginer and si might be probably right.

It was an wonderful book as it presented a new approach on the aklgorithms and data structures. The book was the first one that presented STL. I In that era it was trendy for us the teenagers to implement our own data structures and to be proud that they work flawlessly. It was the trend imposed by the so called "Olyimpiads". This book was a radical shift for me. All the data structures were already implemented. No need to reinvent the wheel again - but the only thing a programmer should do was to concentrate on the real problems.

I stumbled upon this page today while browsing the internet searching for "Dynamic Programming" resources. I recommend it to all Romanian readers. It is a shame that this book was never reprinted and that is not really known to many readers. The content is available online at author's page. Happy reading.

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