Wednesday, July 23, 2008


I started to admire Huawei.

Because they start to have real products taht can fulfill even very exigent needs. Mine in this case. I have recently bought an Huawei E220 HSDPA modem for my roamings. I was skeptical fisrt as this Chinese manufacturer was not among my favourites. Soon I realized that I was very wrong. It is a perfect geek toy.

First - it is open: It is very easy to use both from windows and from Linux (I haven't tried yet on my Solaris box but I Think that it works)

Second - it has some style: It really looks good.

Third - it is useful. I was always angry on the costs of the hotel's WiFi. With this small device I was able to have decent speeds at lower costs than with 802.11b that the hotel was offering.

It did not work in Romania because it was SIM locked for A1. I solved it using the KulaKendi unlocker.
Now it works even in Romania with 7.2Mbps and this is great.

I think they are heading to build some nice products as Linksys did with their OpenSource rourters (e.g. WRT54GL) that are addressing also the hobbyists and for end users.

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  1. Cool. I had used the Vodafone HSDPA here in NZ for almost a year when I decided it wasn't worth it.
    I had an embedded data card Sierra in my Thinkpad that worked perfectly with Linux but not so well with the dodgy Vodafone software. It was a really ugly-buggy version of the Vodafone Mobile connect that you had.
    Here in NZ Vodafone is the worst telco - very expensive and very bad manners.