Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Eternal and Fascinating Romania


1. Innundations in Romania - hundreds of villages under water. The government offers a minimum 300 RON(80 EUR) compensations for victims (in case that nobody died in the family).

From 2008 Iulie - Inundatii

From 2008 Iulie - Inundatii

From 2008 Iulie - Inundatii

2. Sighetu Marmatiei is out of water. There will be no water in the town's pipes for at least three weeks because the pumps were destroyed by the floods. This means that 30000 people will not have the slightest hygene conditions in their homes.
The fact that the pumps were in danger was known since 2001 but nobody bothered todo any preventive action.

3. There are institutions in Romania that are taking money for nothing. I had to play 87 RON() for the so called identification of a car. This means that they have just to see that the car I shown them is the one from papers. They took my money and postponed me for another 24 hours as they were beeing busy.

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