Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Update 24.12.2007

1. In order to reach home I had to buy winter tires for my Chevy. I settled on Nokian W (as they seem to be related with Nokia) because I was in a nick of time for this action.

2. Driving home - okay because of the above mentioned tyres. Only on some portions there were jams and and ice on the road. Anyways the road was full of accidents and I got pretty tired along therefore I was close to make some mistakes as I am not an experimented winter driver.

3. In Sighet I had (again) bad experiences with the ISP (UPC in my case). The internet did not work at all therefore I posted this from my GPRS mobile connection (kudos to Vodafone).

4. BRD is a bank ran and populated by morons. I had to change my credit card and I went to the local branch. Although I was notified by the bank that my card arrived already they refused to give it to me. I called the BRD call center and they confirmed me that the card was sent since December the 13th. I am glad that I made Internet banking with them because in this way I will interact as less as possible with them.

5. The choir of the Baptist Church in Sighet came also in this year to sing carols for us. They are a constant presence in my family's holidays bringing us joy and peace in souls.

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