Sunday, December 2, 2007

Netwide freedom

I have recently discovered that the network on the building I am working on is severely filtered. For example I cannot access my webmail or youtube...
This made me quite angry and I had to find some solutions. Luckily I did came up with several of them:

1. VPN
I was able to tunnel VPN traffic through a HTTP proxy server using OpenVPN and Hamachi. Although OpenVPN works nice on Windows XP and Linux I had problems wit it on Vista. On the other end of the tunnel there is my own private computer that is connected to the net on a DSL link.The traffic performance is awesome. I needed administrative privileges for this one

2. SSH tunneling
Using only PuTTY I was able to make a tunnel to the same home computer and use the local endpoint as a SOKS server. This one works in almost any environment regardless of the administrative rghts.

3. HTTPtunnel
Maybe the fastest solution - but I cannot run it in every place

4. NetCat
This handy nifty tool saved my day on a customer's site. I was able to use it as a forwarder for sme apps.

After those xperiences I am always carying the tools(binaries/sources) with me everywhere... You may never know when they'll come handy again.

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