Sunday, August 5, 2007

Problems. Not just mine...

I realized those days that we are civilization in decline. In every aspect. Especially morally.
I was astonished that in Scotland there is a project for a law that will forbid the usage of words "mother" and "father" in order not to discriminate the homosexuals.

This is a perfect illustration of the Romanian saying "The country is in fire and the lady is brushing". Our planet is dying. The resources are becoming scarce. The populations is rapidly growing. The economy of the world is just an illusion (see the recent American funds disaster). The regional conflicts tend to overtake the world. Nations start not to understand each other. Diplomacy is dead being exchanged just for machine gun talks and bomb lines... Consumerism and our hunger gadgets that are filling our inside emptiness is cutting down trees, making deep holes in the ground, polluting the ocean. The worst is that people die for this - Irak for example.
Still we want everything to be "Bigger, Better, Faster, More" without really thinking if this is feasible or not and what is the final cost for this. I am always listening to people dying to buy a bigger jeep or to cut some trees in a recently gained piece of forest instead of thinking to plant a single tree.

Stop Nilu. You are not better either.
True. I didn't do something too much of substance for this. I am also a slave for gadgets, for buying unnecessary things but not looking for real problems.
I thought for some minor things that I might do:
1. Plant more trees on the small piece of land I have.
2. Propose to the company to organize a team building of cleaning some parks or planting trees.
3. Use the train rather than my car. (as I am a lousy driver this is almost done)
4. Considering how I will live my life in the next years trying to do the least harm to the others and to nature.

I guess that I might be utopic but... I have no more ideas...




  3. Because of the hurry of the things of life ussually we do not think of such things, we consider them too simple, too unimportant... we do not have time for thinking. The list of the bottom of the article is the clue I think, to try to do things better. And a start could be with ourselves. If we want "Bigger, Better, Faster, More" does not mean that "Bigger, Better, Faster, More" is the the ideal. The cost may be a disaster. To be/have "Bigger, Better, Faster, More" for what? Because are freinds have, or is in trend or you need to keep your "friends" close? Ussually we do things just by instinct without thinking too much of the real motive of doing.... Wish you all the best and congratulations for the article. Cami-Maramures