Sunday, August 5, 2007


Patriarch Teoctist. God rest him in peace.
He was a controversial character, but without a shadow of a doubt, an important personality for the contemporary Romania. I am sure that he had a hard mission into keeping the Romanian Orthodox Church in one piece despite both the internal and external pressure - in his days the church was the most credible institution in Romania. maybe his past was not spotless but he worked hard to do good deeds. He was quite bold in his actions - especially inviting the pope John Paul II to Romania - one gesture that was a milestone in the relations between Orthodoxy and Catholicisms.
After his death lots of hyenas appeared in the stage just to grab a piece of his image. Sad. They started to throw mud both in the man Teoctist as well as in the church. "De mortuis nihil nisi bene" Latin saying seems to be forgotten by the bozos (of uncertain Roman descent) that invaded the press with their inept judgements and venomous sayings. The sad part is that that they are attacking a dead person that is in impossibility to defend himself. The only thing they are after is to get a bit of the aura the patriarch has and mask their hideous figures.
It would be polite to let the time judge the man - after all he was just a man - by its deeds not by the fantasies of some delators.
I recommend a good book Vladimir Volkoff's - Le Trêtre - a book about an NKVD agent infiltrated into the remains of the Russian Orthodox Church after the communists destroyed it that has a careers inside the church as he did his mission extraordinarily. The end of the book has an open end. Maybe the communist found the divine revelation... or maybe not.
Comming back to Teoctist - churches were demolished during his time, but cathedrals, monasteries and skeets were born. An history will look to those either.

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