Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Fedora 7 - A Big Dissapointment

Full of hope I was when I have heard that Fedora core was to be launched.
I was trembling with impatience to get it. I was supposed to have all the bells and whistles of a modern linux distro.
Finally I have downloaded the DVD image, burnt it and made a try.

Problems found:
1. X server not configured although I am using the common i945 chipset...
2. libpython2.5.so not present in the system therefore no python dependent programs worked
3. The xen enabled kernel did not boot.

I gave up after this because the effort to dig and solve this doesn't worth.

I am really sorry because I used to love the RedHat derivatives distros.
Because the instalation imge taken with bittorrent was corrupted i had those issues. I have redownloaded it via http and burnt it and it works perfectly.

Nice feature found after:
+ compiz
+ selinux
+ synaptic like yum

Still to be improved:
* wireless
* laptop support


  1. Why bother with Fedora? Just because Red Hat was the first "hot" name in the linux area? Try SuSE. You will find it more than amazing (Clayman)

  2. 10x Clayman.
    SuSE is really neat. So is Ubuntu or Gentoo. I am sticking to RedHat's descendants simply because the RPM packaging and the fact that most of the Linux applications in Alcatel-Lucent are based on RHEL - therefore I need something similar to it home.
    A second reason is that I worked in a company that made some outsourcing for SuSE and I did not enjoy too much the cooperation with them