Saturday, June 9, 2007

E70 - European road

ADVICE: Avoid it!!!

E70 connects Timisoara with Drobeta Turnu Severin... European corridor...
Connects is simply a word. In reality this is an enormous construction yard between Caransebes and Orsova. Semaphores, long lines of cars with angry drivers, ddestroyed road surface, indolent workers, all the elements of a balcanic country...

No road in this country is perfect - as they seem to be even in Hungary - but this one is the worst ever. I have had a very bad time going to Orsova and coming back to Timisoara today. It was a nightmare for me and my car - but I imagine the sensations a foreigner must have... Terror is a gentle feeling :)

I think I should sue the National Road Administration for wwrecking my car on this road.

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